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Your sun is steadily approaching Supernova. You must abandon your planet and fight for a foothold in a new solar system before your home world is destroyed. Over the next millennium, you will learn new technologies - Weapons, Shields, Communications or Engines - to aid in your quest for survival. Increase your income by mining moons and discover alien races on new planets, gaining you valuable bonuses. You need to plan carefully, balancing your rate of expansion with defense in order to protect what you have rightfully won.

Supernova is a board game with a unique card-based battle system, giving players more to consider than a simple roll of the dice. Vie for control of space as well as the unstable Sun. Earn points by capturing planets and moons through shrewd tile placement. The modular game board provides a different experience and a new challenge with each play. The player with the most points when the sun goes Supernova is proclaimed the winner!
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