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Flip-Mat: ArenaFlip-Mat: ArenaFREE SHIPPING -In a game centered around battle, it's no surprise so many adventures involve heroes facing off in mighty arenas. The latest Flip-Mat release brings the hollering crowd and blood-soaked pitch to life in glorious color. You'll set the scene immediately, but immortality on the field of battle—that's up to your players.
Flip-Mat: BasicFlip-Mat: BasicFREE SHIPPING -GameMastery Flip-Mats are designed to make your game portable and affordable. They're made with durable, laminated card stock and can handle dry erase, wet erase, and even permanent marker!
Flip-Mat: CathedralFlip-Mat: CathedralFREE SHIPPING -Flip Mat: Cathedral features a large temple, with one side of the mat honoring the forces of good and the flip side dedicated to evil. The map also features private shrines, the office of each temple’s chief cleric, and plenty of other adventure sites.
Flip-Mat: City MarketFlip-Mat: City MarketFREE SHIPPING -Flip Mat: City Market features an open-air market, packed with dozens of stalls and vendors. The market is surrounded by numerous shops and businesses with their roofs removed so you can take the action indoors. The Flip side features matching city paving so you can lay out your own streets.
Flip-Mat: DarklandsFlip-Mat: DarklandsFREE SHIPPING -Flip Mat: Darklands features a maze of interconnected underworld tunnels. The Flip side features a huge, cavernous chamber.
Flip-Mat: DesertFlip-Mat: DesertFREE SHIPPING -Flip Mat: Desert features a majestic desert filled with blowing sands and massive dunes. The Flip side features a desert oasis centered on a small pond and teeming with life.
Flip-Mat: Dragon's LairFlip-Mat: Dragon's LairFREE SHIPPING -Dragons are among the most fearsome foes in fantasy gaming, and GameMastery Flip-Mat: Dragon’s Lair depicts the perfect location for the legendary conflict between hero and wyrm! Slay a powerful dragon in its own lair with this miniatures-scale map designed to enhance the visual appeal and ease of an important RPG battle in a desolate cavern lair...
Flip-Mat: DungeonFlip-Mat: DungeonFREE SHIPPING -A complete dungeon stands ready for exploration on this huge double-sided full-color tactical map. Two sides depict numerous trap-laden chambers, darkened tunnels, and treasure vaults perfect for any fantasy roleplaying campaign.
Flip-Mat: KeepFlip-Mat: KeepFREE SHIPPING -Flip Mat: Keep features a small fortress with a courtyard, stables, well, barracks, and battlements.
Flip-Mat: Mountain PassFlip-Mat: Mountain PassFREE SHIPPING -Flip Mat: Mountain Pass features broad mountain terrain with a path winding through its treacherous peaks.
Flip-Mat: Pathfinder LodgeFlip-Mat: Pathfinder LodgeFREE SHIPPING -Adventurers need a place to gather between their far-off journeys and dangerous quests, and the Pathfinder Lodge provides the perfect guildhall for their rare moments of rest between adventures.
Flip-Mat: River CrossingFlip-Mat: River CrossingFREE SHIPPING -Flip Mat: River Crossing features a wide river winding through a dense forest. The map also features a small trail that crosses the river with a wooden bridge, making a perfect ambush site. The Flip side features a curving forest river.
Flip-Mat: ShipFlip-Mat: ShipFREE SHIPPING -Flip-Mat: Ship features a classic four-level ship with cannons, sleeping quarters, cargo holds, and all the great stuff you would expect in a sailing vessel. The Flip side features an expanse of the rolling ocean, perfect for some on-the-water adventure!
Flip-Mat: TheaterFlip-Mat: TheaterFREE SHIPPING -RPG players like their characters to be the center of attention, and there’s no better place to put them on center stage than the theater!
Flip-Mat: Waterfront TavernFlip-Mat: Waterfront TavernFREE SHIPPING - Every city needs a seedy, dingy waterfront tavern, and the latest Flip-Mat release delivers, with a new two-sided full-color durable laminated map depicting a dockside dive your players won’t soon forget! Consort with unsavory characters in a darkened, curtained booth.
Flip-Mat: WoodlandsFlip-Mat: WoodlandsFREE SHIPPING -Flip Mat: Woodlands features a vast forest with a path cutting through the middle. The map also includes an ancient druid shrine, a small pond, an ominous cave, and a hollow tree, all of which make for perfect adventure sites.
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