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Planet Stories® presents classic fantasy, science fiction, and science fantasy novels and short story collections to a generation of new readers and lifelong fans. Unforgettable tales from acknowledged masters like Michael Moorcock, Leigh Brackett, C.L. Moore, and Henry Kuttner stand side by side with lesser known but no less worthy yarns from tomorrow's superstars. Introductions from popular modern authors like Joe R. Lansdale, Ben Bova, and Michael Moorcock provide amusing and informative entry points to each book. With new releases every month, Planet Stories promises a master class in the genre aimed at building the greatest fantasy and science fiction library ever assembled.

Here's what the media is saying about Planet Stories:

"…a monthly series that might be called 'Why the Hell Isn't This in Print?' books." —Ryan Harvey, Black Gate Magazine

"It's been a while since anyone published a line of SF and Fantasy 'classics' simply because they were great adventures and fun to read; I wish Paizo all luck with Planet Stories, and I hope it thrives for years to come. This world needs all the pulp it can get!" —Andrew Wheeler, ComicMix.com

"For lovers of the planetary romance, the other-world adventure, or the sword and sorcery tale rife with abominable creatures and darker magics, you can't go wrong with these classic tales of the imagination." —Dave Truesdale, Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine

Anubis Murders, The (novel)Anubis Murders, The (novel)FREE SHIPPING -
City of the Beast (novel)City of the Beast (novel)FREE SHIPPING -
Black God's Kiss (novel)Black God's Kiss (novel)FREE SHIPPING -
Elak of Atlantis (novel)Elak of Atlantis (novel)FREE SHIPPING -
Secret of Sinharat, The (novelSecret of Sinharat, The (novelFREE SHIPPING -
Northwest of Earth (novel)Northwest of Earth (novel)FREE SHIPPING -
Almuric (novel)Almuric (novel)FREE SHIPPING -
Lord of the Spiders (novel)Lord of the Spiders (novel)FREE SHIPPING -
Ginger Star, The  (novel)Ginger Star, The (novel)FREE SHIPPING -
Masters of the Pit  (novel)Masters of the Pit (novel)FREE SHIPPING -
Infernal Sorceress  (novel)Infernal Sorceress (novel)FREE SHIPPING -
Worlds of Their Own (novel)Worlds of Their Own (novel)FREE SHIPPING -
Swordsman of Mars, The  (novelSwordsman of Mars, The (novelFREE SHIPPING -
Hounds of Skaith, The (novel)Hounds of Skaith, The (novel)FREE SHIPPING -
Dark World, The (novel)Dark World, The (novel)FREE SHIPPING -
Death in Delhi (novel)Death in Delhi (novel)FREE SHIPPING -
Reavers of Skaith, The (novel)Reavers of Skaith, The (novel)FREE SHIPPING -
Outlaws of Mars (novel)Outlaws of Mars (novel)FREE SHIPPING -
Sword of Rhiannon, The (novel)Sword of Rhiannon, The (novel)FREE SHIPPING -
Robots Have No Tails (novel)Robots Have No Tails (novel)FREE SHIPPING - Hounded by creditors and heckled by an uncooperative robot, binge-drinking inventor Galloway Gallegher must solve the mystery...
The Ship of Ishtar (novel)The Ship of Ishtar (novel)FREE SHIPPING -
Who Fears the Devil? (novel)Who Fears the Devil? (novel)FREE SHIPPING -
Sos the Rope (novel)Sos the Rope (novel)FREE SHIPPING -
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