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Beyond the Vault of Soul

Beyond the Vault of Soul

Beyond the Vault of Soul
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Pathfinder Module J5: Beyond the Vault of Souls

A journey-based adventure for 9th-level characters

A wizard is capturing souls and binding them to magical gems to keep the spirits of the dead from departing to their just rewards, and the church of Pharasma, goddess of death, has had enough of his meddling with the afterlife. When a magical security feature in the wizard's tower sends the gems spinning off to several different planes, the church calls on the PCs to track them down. From the vault of the gods in the planar nexus of Axis, to the fields of Elysium where righteous heroes battle endlessly even in death, and on past the gates of Hell itself, the PCs must race through portal after portal to recover the lost souls before sinister outsiders can beat them to the prize.

Written by Colin McComb.
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