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Pathfinder Chronicles: Seekers of Secrets

Pathfinder Chronicles: Seekers of Secrets

Pathfinder Chronicles: Seekers of Secrets
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Pathfinder Chronicles: Seekers of Secrets

The greatest explorers in the world come from the Pathfinder Society, a motley assembly of adventurers, archaeologists, and mystics who brave the lost cities and forgotten dungeons of the world in search of treasure, knowledge, and the thrill of discovery.

This comprehensive 64-page guide to the Pathfinder Society provides an exciting overview of the world-spanning organization, with extensive explorations of its history, customs, bylaws, goals, and machinations. A sample fully mapped Chapter House and fully detailed Pathfinder Society characters make it easy for players and game masters to add the organization to their games, either as patrons, allies, or foils.

The unplumbed secrets of the Society’s vast Grand Lodge in the fabulous city of Absalom stand ready for your campaign, accompanied by a host of new magic items, feats, and spells appropriate for Pathfinder Society characters and fully legal for use in Paizo’s massive Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign!

By James Jacobs
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