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Item Cards: Wondrous Treasure

Item Cards: Wondrous Treasure

Item Cards: Wondrous Treasure
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Item Cards: Wondrous Treasure

Every adventurer thirsts for treasure, and this brand-new assortment of 54 GameMastery Item Cards delivers a veritable hoard of unique art objects, magical medallions, golden casks, fabulous gemstones, and more!

Each card features a beautiful full-color illustration of an item on one side, with a text description and room for hand-written notes on the opposite side. Game Masters can hand these out when their PCs get treasure and watch as players learn to love managing their booty. Useable by experienced GMs and novices alike, this product fits perfectly into any Game Master’s arsenal!

1 Coins
2 Coins
3 Sphinx Coin
4 Bitten Coins
5 Teardrop Gem
6 Flawed Gem
7 Bag of Gems
8 Diamond
9 Fairy Amber
10 Bleeding Ruby
11 Amethyst
12 Silver Ring
13 Ruby Ring
14 Elven Ring
15 Skull Pendant
16 Bronze Gorget
17 Sword Brooch
18 Military Medal
19 Snake Bracelet
20 Butterfly Ring
21 Dog Amulet
22 Arcane Dagger
23 Dagger Necklace
24 Helm Pendant
25 Leaf Buckle
26 Skullstone Amulet
27 Golden Chain
28 Polished Mask
29 Hooked Chain
30 Wooden Pendant
31 Redstone Bracelet
32 Libram Amulet
33 Ice Witch Talisman
34 Messenger Ring
35 Scarab Buckle
36 Heroic Tapestry
37 Illuminated Manuscript
38 Howling Gem
39 Crystal Goblet
40 Demonic Statue
41 Scroll Case
42 Satin Cushion
43 Portable Altar
44 Devil Box
45 Board Game
46 Egg and Cube
47 Monstrous Idol
48 Broken Comb
49 Round Harp
50 Mithral Ingots
51 Adamantine Rods
52 Magic Dust
53 Dragon's Teeth
54 Mysterious Cage
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