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Thunderstone Board Game

For ages the vile Doom Knights have sought to gather the remaining Thunderstones to fulfill a prophecy of corruption over the lands. Now the first Thunderstone has been discovered in the Dungeons of Gimhold and the Doom Knights have sent their minions to claim the relic. The villagers of Barrowsdale gather brave souls to face the dungeon and keep the Thunderstone out of the hand of the DoomKnights.

Thunderstone is a new and exciting fantasy deck building game. You build a deck of heroes, items, and villagers to go face the dungeon and the minions of the Doom Knights. Gain powerful weaponry and level into new and mighty hero classes as you defeat the monsters. Claim the best cards and you may survive to take the Thunderstone.

Will you claim the Thunderstone?

Ages 12+

2-6 players

1 Hour

Designer: Mike Elliott
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